Poet's Tea

August 10, 2006

At eight PM

At eight
The weight
of pumped air,
hung in the space between your eyebrows



dry-spell rain drops in a fuzzy wall above the eyes,

Stretch out suddenly,
As if rediscovering their legs
After a long cramped journey.

Another day at the office.

July 07, 2006

Sediments and so on

Pebbles on the coastline
Jump and dive
Like notes
Scrawled on pages of music.

With huge, smooth-down ellipses
As big as your hand,
Cracking a salt-surf baseline.

On the edge of our island;
Surf percussions.

From boulders, chipped with ancient bones
To charcoal-grey sharpened sand;
Hot like tarmac in the August sun.

July 04, 2006

More Cheese Dreams

Flying in carriages
Skimming the crackled, sunburnt top
Of a forest I've never seen;

Another wedding dream.

Screaming fights on bleach-bright sandpaper ground,
That have no sound
But wheels
Skidding to a layby.

Who needs soaps?
I mumble,
eyes adjusting
to the strobes of morning

May 23, 2006


Is she divided, in your eyes
Piece, by packaged piece;
A parcel of cut-price merchandise?

Theorists pick apart
This social trait
To objectify - contagious at birth.

No notes compare though
To your fixated stare,
Up-down, her legs - a stranger on a lunchbreak.

Unknown to you, But for
A tiny glimmer of flesh in a concrete afternoon;

Another walking billboard.

May 16, 2006


Blind slats
Slice the sky
behind the rain streaked pane.

Last week the clouds teased us with their absence;
Glimmers of sunshine lunchtimes,
Filled with layers of baking office workers
Carpeting the park.

April 25, 2006

April shower

The sky's innards
new leaves
breaking the rain's fall.

April 24, 2006

The Land that Fun Forgot

The land that fun forgot;
Our minds
Cascading enthusiasm onto our crumpled paper pile.

Had loitered for a while
Making a cup of steaming caffeine
Slipping from ear-to-ear
The sheer
of office politics,
Policing its every breath

Its death,
with every utterance of
Slight words;
Taking up the space

Shunting out