Poet's Tea

September 17, 2004

Blue Chair

What can I say? I'm a populist...

Blue Chair

A chair
Rather fetching shade of the sea
It is
Right beside me
When I look out
To the passing boats.

September 12, 2004

Residents of Rotherhithe

I could attempt classification
Pigeon-hole us
Each to our rooms.
But we're sharing the sofas
Toes tapping together
Occupying ourselves.

September 06, 2004

Back down south

John Hegley was popticiantastic at the Edinburgh festival, plenty of references to potatoes, glasses and jesus chirist feeding the five thousand. and the luton bungalow.

anyway, here is a rough poetic sketch of the trip...

Celtic Symbols

Do I need remembrance
of your unbroken twine
As I sit and bake
under scattered skies

Tourist Trail

Oh! To cram myself amongst you all
In your matching cagouls
Your identical pose
It must be 'done'
When you tick your box,
Onwards! To the next discovery.

Scottish Hillside

No visitors centre marks this
Tree circled mound

The view more stunning
For want of spectators

The curiousness more engaging
For want of postcard replicas

This is what I looked for, earlier
Slumped, unmoved
by the common view.


delicate layer
of gauzed early evening sun
exists alone;
over the horizon.