Poet's Tea

October 26, 2004

Drink on, my friend

Poet's Tea is elated to hear that the ever-increasing size of daily tea cup count can only be a good thing, after finding out from the BBC that tea can help memory, heart and body overall.
Read the evidence here yourself: BBC Tea Story

In celebration, today's wordy bollocks is tea-related.

Shift's end

Fleeing the stagnant cucoon
Tepid, from the buzz of electricity
Cold wisps of the hour
Drench me.

I walk straight
Noticing the outside world.

October 23, 2004

Come as you were

A full decade has passed
Since this half-coined self-conscious gaze
Faded in the presence
Of those
self-assured anomalies
of the middle youthful years.

It turns upside down now
All but my eyes

More heavily protected these days
By the volume of my voice.

October 21, 2004

All work, no play

The desk is steeped in clutter
the air is thick as cream
all around the mutter
of the lean mean working
Thursday holds a heavy head,
distinctive lack of play

the clock's
unravels the day

October 20, 2004

The Bear Hug

A bit of plagiarism now, from an overheard conversation...

The Bear Hug

The Bear Hug is gone
The Bear Hug is dead
Fuck the Bear Hug

October 19, 2004


In all your infinite charm and
Culinary possibility
You coil, thickly on my knife
As I indulge my toast once more.
Thrown back to maternal cravings
When I, as a mere glimmer formed
My first attachments to you.


Bound for Bedfordshire
Cloud-bourne I go
Haystacks for mattress
Silk for pillow
Rocky old climb
Perch of my rest
Dream now of islands
I head from the west

October 01, 2004


Collided with a car
On Thursday night
Left clavicle
Lucky, the paramedics said it was
Broken bone
Off work for a week
Nice painkillers
Extraordinary friends.