Poet's Tea

June 30, 2005


Torn trouser-hems
Gather grit
As I shuffle back to work
Through the afternoon's deluge.

June 01, 2005

Safe Convenient And Legal place to Park

My driving lesson was cancelled today as someone who lives opposite my driving instructor did not follow the rules from the colourful driving book and parked infront of his drive, meaning he loses a days income and I forget everything I learnt last week. so I've penned an ode for the mysterious and unknown disruptor of our days.

S ince this
C ar must be V.I.P, to park right there in the shade of the tree
A light fair driver, and teacheth me
(L earner, still and humble to thee) - to
P ark! must I now follow your bravest start;

ignore the SCALP and go straight for the heart.

on silent

For once
My hand holds away
Pauses, not to punch numbers;
Idly share my thoughts.
I hold them inside
Like a tight breath

and release them
each one