Poet's Tea

September 26, 2005


Soft cheese
Seeps into the pores
of slenderly-sliced tomato.

Nestled in the crackling contours
of my costcutter carrier-bag;

Accompanied by a warm mug

The filling

between the morning's climb
And the afternoon decsent.

September 20, 2005

Isabella and the pot of basil

Was inspired by the opera of the same name I went to see last night in the Hungarian cultural centre in covent garden. Based on "Boccaccio's eerie tale of forbidden love" the story has inspired many an artist (whether it be paint, music or poetry) before, including Keats and Holman Hunt.

well here's my inspiration, based on the themes more than the story.

How often have you,
with mournful eyes
hugged your pillow close
Until its cheap and foamy contours
Seemed to twitch with life

Looked out of grimy bus windows
As rainy paths trickled their
unforgiving trails across your view
Replaying words by syllable
Until they are no longer formed
But the babbled rumble of the dampened wheels.

That world exists in every eye, you know
by which we stand,
a pasty backdrop
Treading in the sand.

September 16, 2005


Apparently the race is on.

Don't you love the fact that the papers love to present hashed up old stories as new cutting edge news? Tut Tut, they say, women want to have it all but har de har, nature's not having any of it. Unless you believe Dr Dunsan or other bits of research which always have different conclusions.

Strange how the media is giving us the 'revelation' that childbirth is more difficult after 35 -
Is it? It's not like it's been jammed down the throats of women in the 'Bridget Jones Generation' - (not too keen on that term, particularly after her appearing as such a hapless loser in the second film). Serves us right though, eh - not only are we irresponsibly drinking our way to infertility (surely not) but we're also causing unemployment.

Stats seem to be wheeled out in any form for the desired result. Today I will start using 'evidence suggests' infront of everything... e.g "evidence suggests that Laura is going to have another cup of tea now" "Evidence suggests that it's lunchtime" etc.

I'll use my train journey this evening to pen a suitably annoyed poem on the subject for your perusal on monday when i return from the exciting climes of edinburgh..

And Now For Something Completely Different

Found this on Graffiti Paparazzi.

September 15, 2005

High Table

There are two bits of lyrics from a tune (Bring Your Own Bombs) going through my head:

Everybody is going to the party
Have a real good time
Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine

Why don't
presidents fight the war?
Why do they always send the poor?

Strange considering the first time I heard the tune I was in his car and thought it was all a bit loud and slightly scary as he was headbanging while driving down a country lane…

This lyric , in combination with a probable brief trip over to pay a critical mass visit to the arms traders dining at the Dorchester this evening leads to this…

High Table

The clouds have opened on you again
Soft rain, probing damp holes onto your suits.

Behind nightly shaded windows
You have your back to us.

From gilded menus you choose your rein;
Hard scythes
From bloodstained skies.

September 13, 2005

Rom-Com Dashes

Go and have a peek at wordy bollocks - a dissertation abstract I found on romantic comedies (a terrible addiction I have)

I am attempting to wean myself off them (not believing in THE ONE or DESTINY I can't figure out from whence my addiction came) perhaps I will kill them off by analysing them in a dissertation for the course (two weeks to go)

Went to see The Business last night. Not a romantic comedy. The main impact of this has been a tendency to say such gems as 'get out of my fackin way you fackin driver' on my cycle in today. hmmmm. wasn't sure about the minxy girlfriend. Her character was definitely showing the old story Women-Who-Enjoy-Sex-Are-Definitely-Up-To-Something.

Next week I'll be returning to form and going to eat popcorn mixes infront of the new Pride and Prejudice - (from the creator of the rom com genre)

Come Together

The street grew light
Placard fires where cars burn their rubber
round the remnants of the night's crowd

For one moment - insiders
stuck in togetherness


September 09, 2005

Sparkly new additions

Wiggle the mouse around. You know you want to. Look at that! Little blue sparkly bits!!

I've started a lingo listing over there on the right at the suggestion of Kristina as I've started using 'welany' after being mocked for using 'wicks' to describe things I like.

Let me know if you've got any word suggestions for the lingo listings...