Poet's Tea

April 25, 2006

April shower

The sky's innards
new leaves
breaking the rain's fall.


  • Wonderful meeting of macrocasm and microcasm. I could see both clearly. Happy spring!

    By Blogger Russell Ragsdale, at 2:33 am  

  • Thanks! happy spring to you too :o)

    By Blogger Laura, at 12:26 pm  

  • 'macrocasm and microcasm'

    It seems even the world of poetry cannot escape what appears to be suspiciously like LSE-speak.

    By Blogger Edward, at 1:31 pm  

  • I see rain falling and hitting falling leaves. Kind of like running forward on a moving train. Movement on movement.

    By Anonymous Travis Jay Morgan, at 8:48 pm  

  • Here is a refreshing image. Lovely, indeed. :)

    By Blogger NicoleBraganza, at 8:33 pm  

  • Thanks Travis and Nicole :o)

    By Blogger Laura, at 5:09 pm  

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