Poet's Tea

May 16, 2006


Blind slats
Slice the sky
behind the rain streaked pane.

Last week the clouds teased us with their absence;
Glimmers of sunshine lunchtimes,
Filled with layers of baking office workers
Carpeting the park.


  • Laura, Have I told you about Poets101.com?

    By Blogger Billy Jones, at 2:31 am  

  • Hi Billy - thanks for the link - I've submitted Poet's Tea on Poets101.com :o)

    Will set up a link to the site too.


    By Blogger Laura, at 9:05 am  

  • Hi Laura, wistful lines. We are cloudy today and had rain yesterday but we get the occasional sunshine sandwich and it is truely great food!

    By Blogger Russell Ragsdale, at 2:09 am  

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